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From the bottom corner of a spirit level measure up the spirit level 40″ (~100cm) and make a mark (C). Hold the bottom corner of the spirit level at point A against the post. Keeping the spirit level vertical lean the post away from the center of the shade until the distance between points B and C is 3 1/2″ (9cm). 【Get Price】

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Mar 11 2020 If additional posts are required we recommend the use of a minimum of 4 inch schedule 40 steel pipe or a minimum of 6x6 inch wood treated for outdoors. Posts sizes are determinied by the size of the sail or sails attached to it what sides they are attached and the height they are attached.Sail Structure Designs and LayoutShade Sails can be flown in a variety of ways: 1. Horizontally (flat) where all corners are at the same height; 2. Vertically like a privacy fenc...Building Codes For Shade SailsPrior to installation check with local authorities for any relevant building codes or permits that may be required especially if you live in a ne...Mounting Hardware For Sun SailsThere is an extensive range of fixing accessories available to help you secure your shade sails. These accessories are readily available from your...Attaching Sun Sail to FasciaIf you intend to fix your shade sails to a fascia the use of a reinforced fascia support is strongly recommended. The fascia support is used to co...Post Supports For Mounting SailsIf additional posts are required we recommend the use of a minimum of 4 inch schedule 40 steel pipe or a minimum of 6x6 inch wood treated for out...Shade Sail Care CleaningMost sun sails made of HDPE material (like Commercial 95 Coolaroo Shade Logic or PolyFab materials) can be routinely cleaned with a hose spray on...【Get Price】

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Apr 29 2021 We installed 4×4 posts (we should have used metal poles) where we wanted the sails to attach to. (more on that below). Then we laid out the shade sails on the ground in the manner in which we wanted to hang them then measured how much we would need to extend each end to reach the posts. 【Get Price】

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Aug 06 2019 Could add the 4x4 posts on the corner and set in the planter pots but then additionally anchor those posts with the screw-in ground anchors you posted. Or like your setup I could attach two corners to the house extend a cable ~15' to shed for the third corner but then the fourth would need a post or something else installed which may look odd if it's a single post at the edge of the patio haha. 【Get Price】

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3:27Jul 29 2013 Shazeebo has made another Shade sail Installation video to help the DIYers with their shade sail project. This video shows that anyone can install a post by ... SHAZEEBO Shade Sails【Get Price】